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antminer s15 vs antminer t15

It’s November 8th and BITMAIN’s recently announced SHA-256 7nm miners have officially gone live for sale. With the Antminer S15 and T15 being the hot new thing on the mining market they’re already selling like hotcakes, but are they worth the buy? Also, which one should you buy if you do decide to invest? We’re going to be answering all of these questions and more so keep reading!


Let’s start off with the most important specification of all. The price. The Antminer S15 is coming in at $1475.00 while the Antminer T15 is priced at a moderate $913.00. Keep in mind that both machines come with power supplies built so you won’t need to worry about purchasing an additional PSU, although you will need to have a compatible power cable.

This round goes to the T15!

s15 vs t15 price


This is where the S15 separates itself from the T15. At high-performance mode, it is estimated to reach a hash rate of up to 28 TH/s, while the T15 can only crank out a max of 23 TH/s. Their power consumption remains relatively similar at 1596 W and 1541 W respectively.

Profitability and ROI

Last but not least we have to look at the profitability and overall ROI for each machine. For this calculation, we used a moderate energy cost of $0.10c/kWh (pretty standard). According to whattomine, if you started to mine with both machines today in the best case scenario you would be earning $7.26/day with the S15 and $5.44/day with the T15. Not bad considering the recent downfall of overall mining profits.

So far it appears that the Antminer S15 is beating out the T15 in the profitability department, but as most seasoned miners will tell you. Profitability is not everything. We also need to look at the ROI in order to determine the best option. This is where it gets interesting.

ANTMINER S15: Break even in: 210.83 Days

ANTMINER T15: Break even in: 175.02 Days


Ultimately, while the Antminer S15 appears to be superior specification wise, its exuberant price tag makes the Antminer T15 a more attractive and logical buy ROI wise. So if you’re going to go for BITMAIN’s new 7nm ASIC you’re better off getting the T15 for now (which is great because it’s actually still available). Remember, the crypto market is volatile so what rings true today might change tomorrow so make sure to always do your own research. Happy mining!


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