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Crypto users that are privacy oriented can take shelter behind a new anonymization tool released by

Heralding a new era in cryptocurrency user privacy, BestMixer has launched a bitcoin blender service that has forced the crypto space to sit up and take notice. Unlike many of its competitors, delivers complete, verifiable anonymization, not only for bitcoin, but also for other cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin SV.

In the crypto universe, privacy is of concern to all users. This is clear from news making incidents such as when Ian Balina, a leading figure in the industry, had his accounts targeted and hacked, leading to millions of digital dollars stolen.’s bitcoin blender ensures digital currency protection by wiping the digital signature tracks created when crypto moves between wallet addresses. This makes it impossible for criminals to follow the money.

Users in Blockchain networks have a minimum of one alias, which also acts as a receiving address. When the receiving address is linked to an individual, the financial activities of that person can be followed in the public transaction registry. Financial services normally observe policies such as AML and KYC. These policies make it mandatory for clients to furnish ID documents before being allowed to make use of the services of these companies. Even when cryptocurrency is used only to purchase physical products, certain personal information including a name, delivery address and contact details still have to be provided.

Advanced protection against blockchain analysis understands how important it is to break the link between addresses and uses a method similar to a bitcoin laundry. The bitcoin blender lets users deposit their cryptocurrency, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash or Bitcoin SV into’s reserve pool. This pool holds all the coins deposited by other users and these are blended together. The result is a mix of coins with no trace of their origins. These undetectable coins can’t be surveyed by blockchain analysis tools that are used to search wealthy lists, but also targets small wallets. uses anonymous funds to mix their client’s coins. To protect transactions further from blockchain analytical tools,’s bitcoin blender sends combinations of random splits of up to 0.1% of the projected fund to the wallets of multiple clients. To strengthen customer privacy protection further, also uses custom service fees and delayed transactions with minute accuracy.

Users with huge sums of cryptocurrency require the best anonymous protection available. To address this need, the team has created three currency reserves (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma), providing a progressively complex bitcoin blender. This is extremely useful, especially in light of the appearance of Chainalysis on the scene. This startup uses bitcoin forensics and works with the IRS to link an individual to their bitcoin wallet. Using’s Gamma pool will ensure that an individual’s funds will not be detectable by companies such as Chainalysis, as it draws funds from reliable, private sources. provides users with a video tutorial that guides them step-by-step on how to mix coins correctly and use the site.

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