Bitcoin Price (BTC/USD) Developing Pattern Could Trigger Rise to $5000 2802

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Bitcoin bears have been relentless, but bitcoin bulls might have one last trick up their sleeves. Monday’s break of $4000 support has failed to produce continued downside, with little to none followthrough. It seems it is going to take a lot more bearish selling volume to pull BTC back to to the lower to-mid-$3000 range. Overall, bullish sentiment remains low while bitcoin price struggles to find its footing. With cumulative margin short positions (BTCUSDSHORTS) remaining at near all-time highs, a bullish breakout is increasingly more likely.

Inverse Head & Shoulders Pattern


The Inverse Head and Shoulders (IHS) pattern is commonly used to pinpoint market bottoms and/or signal potential market turns. It is formed by creating a swing low, a lower swing low, and finally a higher low. The intersecting line between the three points is referred to as the “neckline”. A break above the neckline is usually followed by a market rally towards the measured move targeted calculated from the bottom of the head to the top of the neckline.

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In order to complete the right shoulder, BTCUSD needs to break the neckline at $4200. This would potentially lead to a breakout of upwards of 25% ($5200). A move that would be positively aided by the MACD which has already crossed upwards on the daily (1D) and an RSI (31.51) that is still well below overbought conditions.

BTC/USD Short Positions On The Rise

The overexuberant amount of margin short positions remains to be a problem for bears. As noted, the BTCUSDHSHORTS on Bitfinex are near record highs and one of the main reasons (despite the recent downwards volatility) why holding a short position should make any trader nervous.

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Bitcoin short squeezes are notorious for their parabolic nature so all things considered, a $1000 liquidation up-move would not be surprising. What comes down, must go up eventually. Do not get caught on the wrong side of the market.

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