How FUSION’s (FSN) Blockchain is Taking Over the 300 Trillion Dollar Financial Industry 4479

Time-based Transaction Ledger

Fusion recognized that just about all financial transactions contain a time-based element. The time component is often set out in the terms of a paper contract and involves middle-men that benefit from asymmetries of information. Time-based transactions are everywhere, they are not restricted to the world of finance. We can see time is a factor in renting a house, buying a license for software, taking out a car loan, the possibilities are endless.   

The combination of Fusion’s time-lock and quantum swap features and its view on time-based transactions allows institutions to recreate many complex, and industry relevant transactions on the Fusion platform. Fusion has already modeled out how its technology create efficiencies in the pre-owned auto industry, song licensing, asset rentals and financial derivative markets.

Interoperability solution

To build on this model for easily expressing time-based transaction on the blockchain, Fusion has developed an industry-changing interoperability and decentralized custodian solution that enables the seamless interaction of on-chain and off-chain data. Fusion’s platform has been developed to work with both centralized and decentralized organizations to adapt to the authentication and privacy requirements across organizations in the private and public sector. The technology is called Distributed Control Rights Management or DCRM and uses a combination of ECDSA encryption, key sharding technology and parallel computing to realize complete decentralized interoperability. Fusion is working on validating and authenticating DCRM technology with leading cryptographic researchers all over the world, including some of the crypto industries most famous and respected researchers, including Pascal Paillier, Rossario Gennaro, Steven Goldfeder and Louis Goubin. This is a major industry breakthrough that brings new realities of connectivity to the blockchain ecosystem.

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