How FUSION’s (FSN) Blockchain is Taking Over the 300 Trillion Dollar Financial Industry 4476

Seamless asset creation and enhancement

In Fusion’s wallet application, a user can create new assets and set customizable parameters for the new asset in the asset creation library without needing any smart contracts. The process takes only a few seconds. The framework has been enhanced to provide users with the flexibility to create assets with a fixed or changeable supply, supporting business logic that requires changes to the total quantity of the asset base. What’s more, assets created on Fusion can be extended to include customizable attributes in support of non-fungible assets like artwork, digital identities and to enable meta-data driven business logic.

Quantum Swap

Fusion’s revolutionary Quantum Swap feature enables any asset locked-in on the Fusion protocol to be seamlessly exchanged with any other trading pair on the network. The exchange is completely feeless, unrestricted and all the parameters of the swap are entirely controlled by the user.

This is a much more user-friendly and reliable process compared with Atomic Swaps. With atomic swaps a channel must be opened between the counterparties participating in the exchange and the exchange must be approved and executed within a limited time window. Any error by either counterparty can result in delays, unresolved exchanges, and locked funds. Inevitably, the completion of an Atomic Swap requires numerous steps and is prone to error, failing to compete with the efficiency and seamlessness of a centralized exchange.

By comparison, Fusion’s Quantum Swap gives the user the seamless experience of a centralized exchange trade but without any fees and restricts and in a totally distributed way.

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