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With cryptocurrency projects seemingly popping up on an hourly basis, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Stratis (STRAT) is not a new kid on the block by any means.

It was one of the first successful ICO startups to gain traction in 2016. A platform offering native C# & .NET end-to-end blockchain solutions, smart contracts, ICO’s, side-chains, and even masternodes.

While these features are not unique to Stratis alone, its success in implementation is what makes it a dark horse with the potential to upset Ethereum itself.

Microsoft Azure

Over the last couple of years, ICO’s have been struggling with issues of legitimacy in the eyes of established businesses. The whole process of setting up, running and managing an Initial Coin Offering process was riddled with inefficiencies, KYC, and overall user screening issues.

It is evident that there remains a huge demand for a mainstream business solution which could produce a streamlined user-friendly approach for accessing and verifying ICO participant user data.

Enter Stratis, which now features an ICO application that is listed and available for deployment via Microsoft Azure, making it the first blockchain based web app solution available on the marketplace.

Key Updates

Following its May release, the Stratis ICO platform has already proven its capabilities by allowing users to deploy ICO’s in minutes. Since then, the Stratis team has integrated various key updates.

These updates further increase the platform’s utility and make running a compliant ICO an even easier process.

  • Stratis’ platform allows screening participants by their geographic location. By utilizing functionality from IP Stack it is possible to identify the location of all ICO participants via IP address with the ability to screen circumventive measures such as TOR, VPN’s and other proxies.
  • This is a crucial step towards KYC compliance that assures ICO hosts can avoid any legal or regulatory issues from accepting contributions from illegible participants and makes the whole process transparent and straightforward.
  • Additionally, in order to provide an additional layer of security Stratis ICO platform has started to utilize Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets. This ensures the safety of collected funds by not having them stored on native servers.
  • Stratis Breeze Wallet adds features such as: displaying if there have been any address gap limit breaches caused by ICO contributions.
  • “Advanced Tab” which enables a simple way to retrieve the ExtPubKey, generate an address & resynchronize to any given date.
  • This allows ICO administrators to leverage the advantages of Azure’s PaaS offerings.

Chris Trew stated;

Utilizing the Stratis ICO Platform on Azure allows ICO Administrators to leverage the advantages of Azure’s PaaS offerings. Removing the headaches with typical standalone virtual machine deployments that are all too common. Our solution tied with Microsoft Azure allows an ICO Administrator to ensure their data is safe and their ICO is always available.

Security, Leadership, Business

stratis team

When it comes to security, leadership and business integration you would be hard-pressed to find a team more competent in the blockchain space.

  • It is well noted that 25% of all smart contracts contain critical bugs. With this in mind, Stratis has been leveraging the availability of debugging deployment suites and professional decompiler tools for C#; a huge move towards eliminating security issues and bug-ridden code.
  • The Breeze implementation of TumbleBit – a marriage between STRAT and Bitcoin. It provides anonymous transactions and is Lightning Network compatible.

If Stratis’ competence was ever in question, one look at the projects GitHub commits in the last 90 days makes it clear. Despite a raging bear market Stratis continues to add more than 650,000 lines of code to their platform which is more than most top projects out there.

A Top-50 project doing more than some Top-10 projects?

One of Stratis core-strengths is its ability to form strategic partnerships and close deals. In fact, Stratis is the only .NET based Blockchain ecosystem based in Europe that’s capable of serving both European and United States customers at the government level. This is big.

While platforms like Ethereum had a seemingly massive head start, their bad publicity from a number of Solidity smart contracts bugs may give prospective business customers second thoughts. This is where a platform like Stratis can truly shine and become the obvious choice for large enterprises while achieving every platforms ultimate goal – adoption.


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