ICON (ICX) – ICONSENSUS P-Rep Elections Reach 50 Applicants 4865

ICON’s plans of facilitating blockchain mass-adoption                                                                                  

ICON (ICX) represents a blockchain-based project whose purpose is to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by interconnecting a series of independent chains with their afferent communities. In other words, via the ICON Network, blockchain operators will be able to exchange value across the array of independent chains, without relying on third-party intermediaries.

P-Reps (public representatives) act as the ICON Network’s transaction validators, yet their responsibilities include network contribution via facilitating consensus and governing the project. Based on this, the ICON Network has recently launched its candidates & election platform, where potential P-Reps can apply for the position in question. The requirements are quite inclusive; therefore numerous blockchain-related companies have applied for the position. A P-Rep is the representative of all ICONists, creating blocks and validating transactions on the ICON Network, and playing a number of roles in the Network including monetary policies, key decision makings, and establishing ecosystems.


So far, 50 P-Rep candidates have registered, coming from vastly different national backgrounds with the goal of decentralizing the ICON Network.

rhizome icx

RHIZOME represents the content creation and marketing service of the ICON community. Its candidature application includes data on how it plans to transform ICON into one of the crypto market’s most popular projects. RHIZOME plans to achieve this by producing and publishing content while working with various 3rdparty press outlets to further boost the popularity of the network. Well-written content alongside professional videos and recordings will be handled by the RHIZOME team as well.

The team strategy also includes points on business development and community involvement. RHIZOME will also be attending crypto conferences and organizing ICON meet-ups.

ICONation is another P-Rep candidate known for involving a series of well-prepared and passionate individuals who are well-versed with the ICON project. As such, the ICONation team members include users whose careers are oriented towards software development, law, business management, computer security, community management and more. Thanks to its team’s extensive backgrounds, ICONation can provide several contributions, including but not limited to: network growth, community-driven governance, great security protocols, network management and more.

As part of its application, the ICONation team will facilitate block production (by verifying transactions and producing blocks), network growth (by raising awareness), governance (by relaying the opinions and voice of the ICON community), and security (by implementing security protocols that make it impossible for ICON users to be affected by fraud, hacks, or abuse).

ICONists will be able to vote by delegating their ICX tokens towards their favorite P-Rep candidate/s. In doing so ICONists will earn staking rewards. The official elections will take place on September 2019. After the results are processed, 22 teams will be listed as P-Rep block producers for the ICON Network.

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