Royal Flush in Bitcoin – Beautiful Crypto Playing Cards Developed in Switzerland Are Now Sold Online 833

The coolest deck of playing cards is all about cryptocurrencies. It features custom art by amazing artists from all over the world and can be obtained online.

Switzerland, March 2019

In Switzerland, a project was recently launched, with the goal of helping cryptocurrencies adoption: it’s a deck of playing cards, but not any deck. Instead of playing poker or blackjack with spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs, you’re now playing with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and NEO. The idea of the project is to help spread awareness through an already existing and usable market (poker, blackjack, magic, etc.).

The game visuals are completely original and were carefully developed to immerse the players into the blockchain and new technologies. Every suite has different dominant colors and each character proudly holds an artifact with the logo of its respective cryptocurrency. On top of that, the playing cards are crafted from premium cardstock and coated with an extra smooth finish.

Nevertheless, one might say “Playing cards aren’t particularly new, they’re not revolutionary and they’re not about to reshape our future”. Definitely not. But Cryptocurrencies are. As for any revolution, people need to know about it; they need to talk about it, learn why and how it might change their life and the life of their children. And what better way to get acquainted with cryptos than to see new names and start asking questions? That’s the goal of this deck of custom Crypto Playing Cards: to make People wonder, have them raise questions and objections, which in turn are going to elicit answers and interest.

A deck of playing cards costs between $14.99 and $9.30, depending on how many you order. It will be a great, never-seen-before, original and inexpensive gift to your family, friends or colleagues, that will sparkle some new conversations about cryptocurrencies. You can pay with Bitcoin, Nano, Stellar, Ripple, NEO/GAS, Ethereum or Litecoin. Paypal and credit cards also accepted.

The deck of Crypto Playing Cards can be obtained at:

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