Silk Road’s Ghost: The Wallet BTC Whales Don’t Want You to Know About 5837

Recently, quite a few people on social media have been re-investigating a mysterious wallet that was once a very well-known Bitcoin address.

1933phfhK3ZgFQNLGSDXvqCn32k2buXY8a is the legendary wallet, once owned by the operator of Silk Road, “Dread Pirate Roberts.” Silk Road, back in the day, was one of the first sophisticated dark web marketplaces for illegal drugs. The famed wallet at one point had a mind-blowing 111,000 BTC.

The Mysterious Whale Wallet

The identity of this alleged Silk Road operator was none other than Ross Ulbricht –well, at least one of the individuals behind it. A few other connected individuals also had access to the wallet. However, although Ulbricht was arrested in October 2013, the wallet has continued to show signs of activity.

Silk Road seized

Slowly but surely, this wallet began to mysteriously divide up its massive stash of Bitcoin – first into chunks of 60,000 BTC, then 30,000, and then smaller and smaller portions until finally, it distributed it all into 100 BTC per address.

Although the FBI seized some of the Bitcoin from Ulbricht, “Dread Pirate Roberts” it was clear, this was not a one-man operation.

Tracing the Untraceable

Bitcointalk forum users have attempted to map the movement of these Bitcoins, but it has proven to be difficult. With the use of wallet mixers and tumbling services, the transactions cannot be easily traced since the addresses have been scrambled.

Nonetheless, we know where some of them went. And we know that, for example, the original 111,000 BTC stash has been broken up into much, much smaller portions into who knows how many wallets.


Luckily, there’s one thing we know for sure. None of the Bitcoin has been sent to any exchanges. That’s right – none.

So you don’t need to worry about any secret Bitcoin sell-off just yet. Some are speculating that this might be a fund for if Ulbricht is ever released. Yet, despite Bitcoin’s meteoric rise to $20,000, this shady wallet has not sold a single BTC.

Craig Wright’s Stash

Some have been speculating even further – that it could be Craig Wright’s funds. After all, the address is mentioned in the Kleiman Estate vs Craig Wright case.

Wright claimed many of the original or large-holding addresses were his but, upon further investigation, it seems that many of his claimed addresses are actually under the control of Mt. Gox’s trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi. This makes Wright’s claims dubious at best.


Is there a connection with Craig Wright and the original Silk Road wallet? Most likely not. However, is there a possible connection to Mt. Gox? The famous Silk Road Bitcoin address has indeed been found to have received funds from addresses associated with the now-closed Mt. Gox cryptocurrency exchange. What relation the exchange had with Silk Road, one can only speculate.

All in all, the wallet is still active to this day – and if whoever owns it decides to sell their stash en masse, Bitcoin might have a serious problem on its hands.


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