South Korean Blockchain ICON (ICX) to Be Used for Diploma Issuance by Postech, a Leading Korean University 3274

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At this point in time, most market analysts, developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can agree that blockchain technology has a plethora of use case scenarios, most of which can positively-disrupt entire industries. Now, recent reports indicate that Postech, which is one of South Korea’s top-ranking universities, will begin issuing blockchain-based graduation diplomas, using ICONLOOP’s BROOF platform

Leveraging ICON’s Public Blockchain

To put things into perspective, BROOF represents a service that is based on the ICON public network, facilitating the issuance and storage of certifications. Thanks to the immutability of the blockchain network, falsification is efficiently prevented. In essence, BROOF can be regarded as one of ICONLOOP’s methods of achieving mass-adoption of blockchain technology. 

Collaborating authorities such as the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Citizen’s Hall, Studypie or Postech are therefore able to significantly reduce the cost and labour associated with issuing and storing paper-based documents. Similarly, the intended recipients of such documents have an easier time proving their authenticity, while reducing the risk of material damage or loss of the respective certifications. 

The Digitalization of Our Society

BROOF’s integration with Postech was announced through a tweet published by Min Kim, the founder of the ICON project. According to him, blockchain-based certifications represent the future de facto standard for universities, schools and other educational institutions worldwide. 

Digital certifications like this offer several benefits, as compared to paper-based diplomas. Firstly, it becomes easier for universities and other private or public institutions to issue and sign attesting certifications, since labour is greatly reduced. Secondly, certificate recipients no longer have to worry about safely-storing their documents, granted that once issued, a certification can be digitally-accessed within a few clicks. Last but not least, BROOF-based documents offer a formidable assurance against fraud. Thus, potential employees, government institutions and universities can easily verify the authenticity of a certificate thanks to the immutability and security of the blockchain network.

Based on everything that has been highlighted so far, blockchain projects such as ICON are bound to facilitate the digitalization of our society, thus contributing to an improved quality of life worldwide.

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