Stratis (STRAT) Continues Path to Enterprise Adoption: C# Full Node Release 4108


Stratis (STRAT) is one of those projects that refuses to be defined by the cryptocurrency bear market.

While some projects choose to take a more passive approach to development during these times the Stratis team have been getting their hands dirty with the continued goal of enterprise adoption.

A platform that promises to reduce the complexity of blockchain development and make it simple to streamline business processes. Stratis has proven once again that they’re not fazed by falling market sentiment. In fact, Stratis has managed to achieve a culmination of two years of work by releasing their C# Full Node that represents the core service of their platform.

Building the Foundation

According to The Stratis Q4 Development Roadmap, the Stratis Full Node will allow Stratis to move to a full C# Mainnet network. The C# Full Node is considered to be the foundation of the platform. The goal of every blockchain platform is adoption. Stratis is making it easy by adopting the industry standard C# coding language which is part of the .NET framework.

Strat roadmap

Making it Easy

Stratis philosophy seems simple enough. Streamlined ease of use equals enterprise adoption. An open-source proprietary blockchain, which presents the latest breakthroughs in network speed and scalability while keeping accessibility and customization at the forefront of design.


The Stratis C# Full node is a powerful and versatile development kit. Not only does it offer immense flexibility for developers in the development of blockchains it also supports multiple consensus protocols. Developers can choose to work on PoW, PoS or even PoA chains, they can also connect to multiple chains. Bitcoin and Stratis networks are already supported by default while other cryptocurrencies could be added later with a few minor modifications.

With Stratis recently becoming a member of the Microsoft Partnership Network its positioning as the go-to Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform continues to grow with each release. This is all happening in a bear market. It’s safe to say if anyone’s earned the definition of “BUIDL” it’s Stratis.

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