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The Los Angeles Dodgers, a pro team in the MLB league, has announced that they will be hosting a crypto giveaway. Digital collectibles of three different bobbleheads will be given out and can be stored in a fan’s Ethereum wallet.

Dodgers will distribute crypto tokens that will unlock one of three digital player bobbleheads that can be stored in a fan’s Ethereum wallet.

The giveaway is expected to take place on Sept 21st with the first 40,000 fans who attend the game at Dodgers Stadium receiving the Ethereum-based collectible.

Upon receiving a code, they can redeem their collectible bobbleheads online of either players Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner, or Kenley Jansen. This is the first digital collectible giveaway of its kind in pro sports history.

Blockchain’s main use in the collectibles industry is authentication.

What Makes This a Big Deal?

Ethereum is becoming a proven way to create digital scarcity in the same way sports memorabilia has scarcity.  The only difference is that we can validate digital collectibles much more assuredly then we can physical ones. For the first time, we have indisputable proof whether or not a collectible is real or fake.

And that’s a big deal.

Blockchain’s main use in the collectibles industry is authentication.

The Vice President of the Dodgers, Lon Rosen, has himself said that this is just a test and is an exploration of an “entirely new marketplace with our fan base.” He hopes that this move will launch a “new age of digital collectibles and promotions” – and he may very well be onto something.

The next step may be something far more concrete than just digital bobbleheads on the Ethereum blockchain: one could create digital scarcity for tickets to prevent scalping or fakes. All of this can be indisputably verified with the help of blockchain technology, particularly Ethereum.

Overall, the move by the Los Angeles Dodgers is a big move for both cryptocurrency and sports memorabilia collectors. It seems to be the next logical step for sports memorabilia: a tested, fail-proof way to authenticate collectibles.

We can’t help but feel excited for both!


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